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oh, for the love of Masa ♥

25 June 1991
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♥ about me ♥

Hi! Karen here at your service. Or if you prefer calling me by my LJ username, then sure go ahead. I don't mind nicknames ^__^

I am a happy little fangirl living in the Philippines. I spazz as much, if not more, in real life than I do on my LJ XDDD I love reading stuff (books, comics, fanfictions, you name it) and consider it as natural as breathing, along with listening to music. Sometimes I write, too, and draw whenever I feel like it. I am a very loud person, and express myself as much as I can. :D

♥ what's inside my LJ? ♥

Mostly about fandom (tenipuri, tenimyu and PureBOYS ♥), fangirl spazzes, and randomness. As sometimes I write whenever the muses decide to visit, fanfictions occasionally make their way into my LJ. The rest are boring RL stuff ^^;

Beware of excessive abuse of capslock, keyboard smashing, emoticons and all-around incoherentness. XDDD

♥ friend? :D? ♥

My LJ is open to friending, so friend away! Just send me a PM or leave a comment to any public entry so that we can get to know each other and I'll be sure to friend back! ♥

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